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Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida

Image captured by James Paul Gossett, DVM

It's what happens
when you can't stop
and you can't go.
The incredible but true
real life story of 
Police Misconduct
and Obstruction of Justice
in a power struggle
of epic proportions...
The billion dollar fiasco
and travesty of justice
that resulted from
a cover up 
of Criminal Wrongdoing.

James Paul Gossett DVM SPHV, Retired

Supervisory Public Health Veterinarian

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Food Safety Inspection Service

Meet Doc


During his career, Dr. Gossett was employed by the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service, where he served as Inspector-In-Charge in many of the major meat and poultry establishments located throughout the states of Georgia and Florida.


This is where the story begins.

Meet Doc
James Gossett, DVM

Read Doc's Blog and search all the evidence in this case using these documents. 

USDA badge (retired)
STUCKGATE is a fiasco of federal law enforcement and a scandal that is bigger than Watergate, it is a billion dollar cover up of criminal wrongdoing.
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