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Stuckgate Public Statement
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James P. Gossett, DVM
"I have the right
to speak my mind,
and I have the right
to be heard."


September 28, 2020

My name is James Paul Gossett.

I am a retired former Supervisory Public Health Veterinarian who was employed for 29 years by the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service.  I completed my career with 32 years of federal service.

I am making this PUBLIC STATEMENT of the facts related to a situation that has occurred in the wake of a power struggle that resulted upon passage of the Pathogen Reduction/HACCP Mega Reg while I was employed by the USDA.  


I am also seeking investigative journalism and media coverage of this situation in an effort to finally resolve these issues.

This situation involves an illegal home invasion, police misconduct, and a cover up of criminal wrongdoing that has been going on now for many years. 

Obstruction of justice has also occurred. 

Important national precedents have been set, and these national precedents have huge implications for every American citizen. 

I have already provided detailed reports and documentation to the FBI and to the Department of Justice, and I have allowed ample time for investigation of the circumstances involved in this conflict.

It was the perfect storm situation, but authorities investigating the veracity of my reports to the FBI and to the Department of Justice have finally found the criminal origins of these investigations that occurred when rogue criminal lawmen retaliated against me over a privacy fence in a residential area of a lawless backwater many years ago.

No joke.  For real, those rogue lawmen retaliated against me over a privacy fence.

True story, those rogue lawmen placed electronic surveillance devices in my home without so much as a search warrant to justify their invasion of my privacy.


This was illegal, it was literally Criminal Trespass.

Those criminals bugged my home and placed my private residence on the internet for all to see as they egregiously and erroneously labeled me as a Criminal Suspect.

True story.  My home was bugged in 1990, and this was done for malicious reasons.

That sheriff later shot himself to death when the Georgia Bureau of Investigation surrounded him on his family farm where he was found to be conducting large scale marijuana production.  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation found at that time that that rogue Sheriff was actually the front man of a major drug cartel.  


That sheriff’s suicide occurred in 1995.

Okay, so the sheriff blew his brains out.  What could I do about it? 

It was a tense and dangerous situation, that sheriff was the one who had bugged my home.

The local population did NOT want others to know the criminal circumstances that were involved in this illegal home invasion.  They therefore conducted a finger-pointing cover up of this criminal wrongdoing while they slandered my good name.


Their finger pointing was used to deflect public scrutiny from their own wrongdoing.  They blamed the victim of this home invasion while they waged a smear campaign against me because they had already egregiously and erroneously labeled me as a criminal suspect.

Angered by rumors of a troublemaker, other investigators jumped on the bandwagon and eagerly followed hook, line, and sinker after the hearsay of these original belligerents without checking the veracity of the rumors or obtaining a search warrant of their own.

I was subsequently targeted for investigation by other law enforcement agencies who were ill informed of the original circumstances.  These law enforcement agencies literally followed the hearsay of criminals who were performing a finger pointing cover up of their own criminal wrongdoing.

But in the perfect storm scenario, a major outbreak of foodborne illness occurred in 1993 that spurred a national movement to improve the safety of the nation’s food supply.  After a Rule Making Process had gathered comments from all interested stakeholders, the Final Rule for the Pathogen Reduction/ HACCP Mega Reg was passed by an Act of Congress and signed into law by then President Bill Clinton. 


This new food safety reform legislation became law in 1996.  Implementation in the field environment was difficult, and I was subsequently called upon to help stay the course for implementation of these new food safety reforms despite the anger and hostility that was directed against me by powerful political opponents of these new food safety initiatives.

It was a very tense and dangerous situation, threats were made, and I soon concluded that I would actually be safer under the watchful eye of security personnel.  Left with no other options, I realized that the only thing I could do was to bide my time and let the situation play itself out, and so that is what I did.  I used security to provide for my own security while I waited for these investigations to come full circle.

Having no other alternatives, I soon realized that I should focus on my own professionalism and my own job performance.  I thus chose to focus on my professional responsibilities as a Public Health Veterinarian to help stay the course for implementation of Pathogen Reduction/HACCP Mega Reg despite the fierce opposition to the implementation efforts in the field environment. 

I therefore dedicated myself to the fulfillment of my professional responsibilities despite the anger and hostility that was directed against me by powerful political opponents of these new food safety initiatives.  I performed well, despite the countering political forces that tried to discredit me.


Misguided investigators who jumped on this bandwagon also tried to discredit me in an effort to subvert the implementation of the new Pathogen Reduction legislation. 


These investigators loaded up the bus with a multitude of adversarial relationships while they represented to other people that I was just a big pushover.  They promised everyone an eventual prosecution while they continued to posture around me as if I was some kind of dangerous criminal. 

Be patient, they said, we will get him for you. 


These investigators also participated in this smear campaign that was waged against me.  They made me the lightning rod in this conflict as they spread their malicious narrative that I was somehow to blame for all this conflict.

STUCKGATE is a fiasco of federal law enforcement and a scandal that is bigger than Watergate, it is a billion dollar cover up of criminal wrongdoing.
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